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2023 Memberships now available!



    ShepparCon is our big event and is organised by our passionate group of local board gamers. Our aim is to provide a solid weekend of meeting people, playing new games, or your old favourites and having fun. ShepparCon ’23 will be held from midday on Friday 30th of June to 6pm on Sunday 2nd of July 2023. The convention will be hosted at the The Terminus Hotel, Shepparton Victoria. Attendees will enjoy the friendly atmosphere, good food and coffee on site, door prizes and anything else we cook up for your enjoyment! We have a growing library of games on offer for people to play over the weekend. You can view our library here! To order your tickets headover to Eventbrite, and for more information, have a look around our website, follow along on Facebook and Twitter, or join our Board Game Geek Guild! We also have an active Discord community which we would love you to join.

    Monthly Game Days

    Our good friend Little Plastic FellasΒ is kind enough to hold an all day event once a month. These events are usually on a Sunday and usually at the Peppermill. Check the events calendar below to see when the next one is being held

    Events Calendar

    Every fortnight on a Thursday night we catch up at the Peppermill Inn for an evening of gaming. Check the calendar below to see when the next event is.