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    Welcome to the Goulburn Valley Gamers' Guild (GVGG)! We're a community-based, non-profit organisation firmly rooted in the heart of the Goulburn Valley. United by a shared love for tabletop and board games, we're committed to nurturing a dynamic, inclusive gaming community.



    Our humble beginnings trace back to 2013, when a few local friendship groups, each with a passion for gaming, decided to band together. Fuelled by enthusiasm and the power of the internet, we made our common ground for all things gaming.

    As time went by, our small get-togethers began to grow. What started as a few friends gathered in living rooms soon expanded into a diverse assembly of gaming enthusiasts. This natural, organic growth spoke volumes about the camaraderie and passion at the core of our guild.

    Then, on the 12th of December 2013, in a move as understated as it was pivotal, we took a leap into the digital era: we started a WhatsApp group. This seemingly insignificant step actually marked a milestone in our journey, providing a seamless way for us to coordinate gatherings, share gaming insights, and keep the gaming banter flowing.

    In an early twist in our narrative, a couple of players from a local wargaming group decided to switch gears, swapping war games for board games and joining our fellowship. While this was more a dovetailing of interests rather than an official merger, it added a new facet to our gaming repertoire and nudged us further on our path to becoming a diversified gaming guild.

    It was then that we took the decision to become a non-profit organisation. This was a turning point that deepened our sense of community and commitment to the gaming world. From this point, things really started to snowball. We even began planning our first small convention, stirring a buzz of excitement within the guild and marking the start of an exciting journey that's still unfolding.

    Today, we at the GVGG regularly host a variety of gaming events and meetups, creating a welcoming space for everyone - from seasoned tacticians to those new to the gaming scene. We're not just a gaming group; we've forged a fellowship, a guild bound by our shared love for gaming.

    Whether you're a tabletop enthusiast, a casual player, or someone just starting your gaming adventure, you'll find a place with us at the Goulburn Valley Gamers' Guild. So come along, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of gaming, and join the fellowship that is the GVGG.